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NCIS, Tony’s Bucket List Scoop From EP Gary Glasberg

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/12/2013

NCIS, Tony's Buck List Scoop From EP Gary GlasbergNCIS, Tony’s Bucket List Scoop From EP Gary Glasberg




Here’s some new NCIS Scoop from TVlins’s Ask Ausiello, February 12, 2013 Post




Question: Is there any chance we’ll see Tony’s Bucket List again anytime soon on NCIS? Maybe even Tony doing something from the Bucket List? —Caro

Ausiello: Either you have the NCIS production offices bugged or, as exec producer Gary Glasberg suspects, you’re “reading the writers’ collective minds.” Either way, Glasberg confirms that the topic of Tony’s Bucket List “recently came up as we were discussing the season-ending arc.” The boss says no decision has been made whether they’ll revisit that particular story this season, but he does offers another piece of intel to satisfy your scoop craving. “Prepare to see an aspect of the Gibbs mythology the audience has never seen before,” he teases, before adding this telltale clue: “Ever wonder where Gibbs gets his hair cut?”


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