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New Action Packed General Hospital Promo Video

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/03/2012

General Hospital Promo Video September 10 2012Action Packed General Hospital Promo Video

The latest General Hospital Promo Video shows that things are really heating up on General Hospital as it moves to its new time slot starting on September 10, 2012. Starting on September 10th, General Hospital will air at 2 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific/Central.

We thought that Jerry had given everyone the antidote to the deadly pathogen that he spread across Port Charles, but from this promo video we learn that everyone is still not safe.

In this action packed General Hospital video we see Jerry Jax say, “goodby Port Charles” as the city explodes in the background.

We are still left in suspense about how Jason (Steve Burton) will leave General Hospital after his 21 years on the show. In a recent Tweet to his fans, Steve Burton wrote, “ “Thanks for all the luv. I know it’s difficult for some. It is difficult for me. I luv the cast and crew… it has been home. Hoping to tweet ltr.” But don’t be too sad as Steve Burton is planning to produce and star in a telenovela with James Franco. Former General Hospital Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps will also be the executive producer for this new series. This will be interesting….

New James Franco Clip From Spring Breakers

Laura Wright who plays Carly, Jason’s BFF, had the following to say about Steve Burton’s departure from General Hospital, “I’m happy I’m home with my kids today. But yes I’m sure most of you are sad about Stevie B. but I’m sure most of you understand his need to move on and have a life change. 21 yrs is a long time. Steve is so talented with so many interest I am happy and excited for my friend who I will miss!!”

We recently learned that Maurice Benard will have a big film role in “The Ghost and the Whale” which will start shooting in January 2013 in Northern California. Benard will play the role of a widower who is accused of his wife’s murder. He goes on a spiritual journey out on sea. Maurcie Benard’s wife, Paula Benard, will be executive producing the film along with the Gaudioso Twins.

Maurice believes that the film “The Ghost and the Whale” will be his big break into the film world. He is one of the biggest stars in the soap world, but that doesn’t always mean anything in the film world. It will be interesting to see how Maurice’s career grows, and what this means for the role of Sonny on General Hospital. There are no reports of Maurice Benard leaving the soap world yet, but with a film career taking off only time will tell what happens.

In this latest General Hospital Promo Video Sonny Corinthos states, “My past came back to haunt me. My enemy came back to destroy me. But when it comes to my city, my family, I’m going to make sure this monster knows I’m coming for him.” Fans have conflicted feelings about Maurice Benard’s film career. Everyone wants to see his talent lift off, but it would also be pretty devastating if he left along with Steve Burton.Robin and Patrick Drake, Robin in alive

Yes, Robin Scorpio-Drake is still alive but nobody has found her yet or learned of her condition. The Robin storyline will also continue to develop this Fall. We also aren’t totally sure what her mental state is, but with soap operas we all know that miracles can happen. Hopefully Patrick does not move on before Robin returns (wouldn’t that be heart breaking?). This month we see Maxie and Patrick sharing a “moment” together as they continue the work that Robin Scorpio-Drake left behind. Patrick and Liz will start to wonder what Ewen is trying to tell them about Robin.

General Hospital’s Robin Is Alive And Ratings Are On The Rise

General Hospital’s ratings have been up and down this year, so it will be interesting to see how this new action will impact ratings. The future of soap operas is difficult to predict, but General Hospital is still sticking in there and is still a fan favorite.  

This September things will also heat up for some of the couples….  Michael and Starr will finally sleep together (they do make a cute couple!). TJ and Molly will think about having sex together. Carly will continue to have all kinds of guys chasing after her, which will be especially interesting with Jax back in Port Charles. Sam and Jason will be alone together, and facing death. Ewen and Jason will battle over Liz. Shawn will continue to have feelings for Alexis (remember their strip session, that was rather interesting). Quite the love triangles going on here. Lots of juicy General Hospital Gossip!

General Hospital Promo Video – September 10, 2012 New Time Slot


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