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New American Horror Story: Asylum, Blue Coat Teaser

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/19/2012

american-horror-story-asylum-clip-2American Horror Story: Asylum has released a new teaser. This Teaser is titled ‘Blue Coat.’


Ryan Murphy and his fellow AHS TV producers are doing everything they can to keep this season under wraps while teasing us at the same time. It’s working. We know a few things. There are Nuns – that may be evil. They work at an Asylum for the criminally insane. We know Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Evan Peters are back (thank god) and a whole slew of other fine actors have joined the fray.


The show was renewed for a second “anthology” season way back in October of 2011, after FX realized that it had a huge hit on its hands. We know casting began in March of 2012 and old faces would be back as new characters.


Still, one question hangs over FX like a dark Seattle cloud, can Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk pull off another horrifying water cool season of American Horror Story? And if they do, will it change TV for ever?


Yes, forever. If American Horror Story becomes a successful anthology made up of totally different stories every year for half a decade, other networks will jump on board and the anthology format will be front and center on cable TV — making Ryan Murphy a pioneer of sorts.


NOW, watch the new clip and shiver. I have a feeling this season is going to be just as creepy as the next. Ryan Murphy knows that it has to be.


 American Horror Story: Asylum, Blue Coat Teaser


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