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New Ben and Kate ‘Honest Advice’ HD Promo From FOX

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/26/2012

New Ben and Kate HD promo From FOXNew Ben and Kate ‘Honest Advice’ HD Promo From FOX


Here’s the New HD Promo from Fox upcoming Comedy Series ‘Ben and Kate.’ The show was picked up for a season by FOX in May, 2012. The show was created by Dana Fox. He’s the writer of What Happens in Vegas starring Cameron Diaz, and Ashton Kutcher. He also penned Couples Retreat and The Wedding Date. So, he’s a pretty funny guy, with good credentials.


Ben and Kate‘ stars Nat Faxon, Ausin Stowell, Dakota Johnson, Echo Kellum, Lucy Punch, and Maggie Jones. No one in the cast has any real credits of note, and I think that’s a good thing. I’m so tired of networks going back into the actor cookie jar for old stars who had success in old TV shows. Boring! Let us hope, Ben and Kate buck the trend.



Ben and Kate  focuses on the lives of a brother and sister who are exact opposites: Ben is an over-the-top dreamer, while younger sister Kate is a single mother trying to make ends meet as a bar manager. After Ben realizes that his sister needs help with both her life and taking care of her daughter Maddie, he decides to move in so Kate can start rediscovering what she missed out, while at the same time Kate hopes to return the favor by seeing how she can bring her brother back to reality.



New Ben and Kate ‘Honest Advice’ HD Promo From FOX


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