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New Breaking Bad Photo Gallery: ‘All Hail The King’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/20/2012

Breaking Bad

In anticipation for the last season of Breaking Bad, I’ve been watching the series non-stop from the beginning. Truth be told, I’ve seen every episode once or twice already and so they just sort of linger in the background as I work. But every now and again, I look up and catch myself watching fifteen minutes at a time between writing posts for TV Film News.


Breaking BadI watched the first two episodes in full a couple of days ago, AMC, is re-airing every episode in order in a lead up to the premiere, July 15th. After watching the first two episodes I tweeted, ‘The first two episodes of Breaking Bad complete the best two hour introduction to any show I can think of save Lost.


Unless you have no sense of entertainment, are a Quaker who refuses to watch anything drug related, or your just too stupid to understand what is going on, the first two episodes of Breaking Bad hook you in and hold you tight, and suddenly, you convince yourself that you must see every episode of this show as long as they are premiering new ones. The humor is dark, the violence is so sudden and unexpected, and the character development, especially Jessie Pinkman’s, is fantastic. After re-watching all of season one and venturing into season two as I wight this, I think, no wonder Pinkman is dead inside. He has been put through the fucking ringer. It’s a wonder he’s not in a mental institute.



Someone asked me, ‘Who is your favorite TV dad?’ The answer was easy, Walter White. He’s such a strange man, a genuine genius who loves his family, but like most geniuses, he doesn’t always know how to express it. It’s the smart guys who don’t understand people. I think thats gods little ironic twist on ┬áhumankind.


Anyway, I’ll stop gushing now, and get right to it. Yesterday we got a new Breaking Bad Season 5 Teaser Debuted: ‘All Hail the King.’ Today we got a new Photo Gallery!




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