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New Captain Neville Scoop From NBC’s Revolution

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/05/2012

New Captain Neville Scoop From NBC's Revolution Revolution: Captain Neville related scoop from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich



Here’s some scoop on Revolution from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 10/4/12.






Thus far on NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama, which already has earned a full-season ride, the backstories of Ben Matheson’s brood – as well as his brother Miles and Sebastian Monroe – have been illuminated. But what about the militia’s Capt. Neville? Has he always been so fierce? “You’ll learn that he had a very different personality before,” Giancarlo Esposito tells us. “You’ll learn that he has a little bit of compassion.” What you won’t learn, though: that he once owned a fast-food franchise and meth superlab.




Giancarlo Esposito career has been rocking for about three years now. He broke fout under Spike Lee in Do The Right Thing, and then did tons of broadway and took bit parts in lots of good films like Ali, The Usual Suspects, King of New York and Malcolm X. But, when he said, fuck it, I’m doing TV around 2009 he’s stars has been on the rise. He played a classic character in Breaking Bad, Gustavo ‘Gus’ Fring, a villain who will not soon be forgotten — and what a great TV Death, one of the best EVER. Then he guest stared in Once Upon A Time, as Sidney Glass/ Magic Mirror, while doing a few guest stops on NYC 22, and Community. And now he’s joined the cast of Revolution, a show that has NBC highest rated premiere in five years. Congrats Giancarlo Esposito, you did it the hard way. You’re a true character actor.


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