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New, CBS Elementary ‘Biggest Mystery’ HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/17/2012

New Elementary CBS HD PromoNew, CBS Elementary ‘Biggest Mystery’ HD Promo



Elementary is CBS trying to build on the BBC’s Sherlock. I completely understand the move. Jonny Lee Miller has a lot to prove though, and even though I love the ladies, and I love the ladies in lead roles, I’m not sure Lucy Liu as a female Dr Watson will work — at the very least it’s a risk.


Sherlock Holmes is a classic character thats been around for over 100 years and we’ve never seen a female Dr. Watson. It may end up being brilliant, but I’m still in a wait and see moment. Maybe creator Robert Doherty knew that no man could match Martin Freeman’s Watson in Sherlock, so why try.


Sherlock will premiere in 10 days folks. The new CBS crime drama Elementary premiers with 1×01 The Pilot on Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 10pm on CBS.



New, CBS Elementary ‘Biggest Mystery’ HD Promo


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