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New Chase Clip From The Bourne Legacy

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/19/2012

The Bourne LegacyHere’s another action packed clip from The Bourne Legacy. In this one, Aaron and Marta (Rachel Weisz) go on a high speed chase. If you’ve watched any of the Bourne franchise films lately, then you know that its not a Bourne film without a good car or in this case motorcycle chase.

I think everyone who worried about a Bourne film without Matt Damon can rest at ease. The truth is, it was the formula and the writing that made this franchise great. What a great concept it is.


After Jeremy Renner is done with Bourne, another actor will fill his place. Not to say Damon and Renner aren’t special actors who are made for this type of action epic, but I can promise, there will be more men and maybe even a women who takes the lead in one of these films surrounded by Treadstone, the government agency that builds these super solders who kick ass and kill indiscriminately.


The film also Co-stars Edward Norton and Oscar Isaac, along with a handful of returning faces including Joan Allen andAlbert Finney, “The Bourne Legacy” revs up on August 10th.



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