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New, Chicago Fire, Matthew Casey’s Past Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/13/2012

New, Chicago Fire, Matthew Casey's Past ScoopChicago Fire: Casey related scoop from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez



Here’s some scoop on Chicago Fire from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 11/12/12.



Any Chicago Fire scoop? This show has seriously grown on me and even more now that I know it’s sticking around for a full season! — Amanda

If you thought Casey’s issues with the dirty cop were the peak of his personal troubles this season, just wait until you see what drama unfolds later when we get a peek into his family life. In an upcoming episode, we’re going to meet Casey’s mom (Kathleen Quinlan) and learn about a tragic incident that resulted in her incarceration. Like how I saved the juicy stuff till last?



Chicago Fire returns with 1×06, ‘Rear View Mirror,’ on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 10pm on NBC.


In Chicago Fire, 1×06 ‘Rear View Mirror,’ Dawson receives help from a girl she saved; Detective Voight is determined to get Casey to retract his statement.


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