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New, CSI: NY Season 9 Scoop From Sela Ward

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/20/2012

CSI New York Season 9 ScoopCSI: NY: Scoop on several season 9 episodes




Here’s some scoop on CSI: NY from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Thursday 9/20/12.




I need some help getting through the next two long weeks until the premiere of CSI: NY. Do you have anything to help?

Sela Ward might have something to help out with that. She has more “There are a lot of fun things coming up. We’ve already shot in San Francisco. Peter Horton has come back to act. He came back to play my love interest and we had a great time,” she tells us. “We’ve shot a show in silence for the most part, à la The Artist and Green Day is going to tell the story with their music, which is really interesting.” Count us in!



CSI New York returns in just over a week in 8 days. Episode 9×01, ‘Reignited’ premieres on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 8pm on CBS. CSI: NY stars Gary Sinise, Hill Harper and Eddie Cahill.


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