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New, CSI Season 13 Scoop From Elisabeth Harnois

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/25/2012

CSI, Season 13 ScoopNew, CSI Season 13 Scoop From Elisabeth Harnois


Here’s some scoop on CSI from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Tuesday 9/25/12.



Give Us An Original CSI spoilers, if you got them.

Elisabeth Harnois tells us that the new season of CSI is going to put us through the wringer, emotionally. “So my father is left on the brink of death in the end of last season. We find out what happens to him and I get resolution with that relationship,” she says. “Ted’s granddaughter is kidnapped, so that gets resolved. And we kind of revisit cases that have been near and dear to the fans’ hearts. Certain characters that were killed in past seasons, we kind of revisit their storylines. So there is a lot of weaving. The theme I think is weaving in all our personal lives with the procedure. And that makes it very personal and emotional for all of us, which is cool.”


CSI returns tomorrow night on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 at 10pm on CBS. To be honest, this show should have ended a few years ago. The decline in ratings are embarrassing at this point. Watching CSI is like watching the greatest basketball player whom ever lived, Michael Jordan, play for the Washington Wizards in his 40′s. It’s just sad.


From season 2 in 2001 to season 7 in 2006, CSI averaged over 20 million viewers a week. Last year, CSI had its lowest ratings in its history, 12.49 million viewers per week. That’s not to say, there isn’t an occasional good episode here and there, but even 5 years more than half the episodes that aired were really good. And the first five seasons of CSI were riveting, groundbreaking actually. We’d never seen anything like it.



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