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New Extended, The Avengers BluRay Clip

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

New Deleted Scene From The Avengers BluRay/DVD





The Avengers BluRay ClipLatino Review released some more The Avengers Promotion today. This time, we get the Captain America’s deleted scene from the DVD/BluRay that hits stores September 25th.


It’s an extended clip of The Avengers, cut by Joss Whedon, we our re-introduced to Evan’s Captain America. Oh, and Stan Lee Cameos! Wait, what!? Yea, he’s been known to do that from time to time — this was the original. This time Stan Lee is trying to help a young man figure out that his waitress is ALL, but into him — He says… Oh, I don’t want to spoil it.


Marvel has titled the clip, ‘ War in Europe.’ Steve Rodgers reads news paper clippings on old World War II film. We see his struggles without Peggy. ┬áHe makes a connection between Howard Stark and Tony, aka Iron Man. We also get the original introduction of the waitress who was played by Ashley Johnson, the former child star who’s later saved and interviewed about Captain America.


The past is dead Steve, that’s what the clip is saying. Captain America has to move on without all the people he began with. There is a stark (Don’t Pardon the Pun) contrast between the past and future here. It’s one aspect we all wanted to see more off in relation to Steve Rodgers, I think we can agree.


This all leads to Captain America wanting to take out all his aggression and resentment and past out on the heavy bag. You know the scene from the film and trailer. The one that was GIF’ed a thousand times on Tumblr.


New The Avengers Extended Clip


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