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New, Finale Season, Gossip Girl Blair and Chuck Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

Season 6 Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair ScoopGossip Girl: Chuck and Blair related scoop on the season 6 premiere



Here’s some scoop on Gossip Girl from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Tuesday 9/11/12.




Cosmic_Love: Can we expect an explosive Chuck and Blair reunion in the premiere after spending their summers apart? #GG  

In a word: HELL YES. Sorry, was that two? I can tell you that the premiere will pick up with Chuck and Blair in a Monte Carlo Hotel Room. It will definitely be explosive and lots will be revealed. Just making sure you all caught that: Hotel. Room. Chuck. And. Blair. Does this make you tingle in all the right places, Chair fans?

puking_unicorn: Any scoop on the father-son relationship between Bart and Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl? Is Bart still the cold hearted monster?

Chuck will most definitely be at war with his father in the final season, and it will start to affect the women he loves the most: Lily and (sorry to be the bearer of less-than-stellar news, Chair fans) Blair.



Oh, Blair and Chuck in a Monte Carlo Hotel Room? Some guys have all the luck. It’s going to be great fun to see how everything ends up this season. No more games on this season of Gossip Girl, this one counts, because it’s the last.


The finale season of Gossip Girl kicks off in under a month. So, get on your Netflix and catch up and be ready by Monday, October 8th because Gossip Girl returns at 9pm on The CW.




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