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New, FOX’s ‘Bones,’ 8×05 HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/09/2012

New, FOX's 'Bones,' 8x05 HD PromoNew, FOX’s ‘Bones,’ 8×05 HD Promo



Here’s FOX new HD promo for the next episode of Bones. This new episode of Bones doesn’t hit the air waves until November 5, 2012.


It’s strange to have this big of a lay off in October, but let me remind you that this season of Bones will be comprised of 26 episodes. Four episodes were added by Fox from the previous season to by incorporated into season eight. My point being, this isn’t a typical season and thus I’m not really surprised by the untypical scheduling.


Plus, the MLB playoffs have been extended to such a degree that Fox has to put a lot of their shows on a mini hiatus. To make up for this, FOX has extensive original programming set for November. When other networks are airing Thanksgiving Specials, Fox will be airing shows like Bones.


It is strange that we don’t have a title ¬†for episode 8×05 of Bones though. We also don’t have a synopsis outside of this promo, and this promo isn’t really a promo at all, but more of a look ahead at what’s to come. Check it out.


New, FOX’s ‘Bones,’ 8×05 HD Promo


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