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New, FOX’s The Following HD Promos

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/18/2012

New, FOX's The Following HD Promo  New, FOX’s The Following HD Promo


The Following is a new TV Series from FOX. It’s a drama about an FBI profiler who tracks down serial killers. His name is Ryan Hardy and he’s played by Kevin Bacon. Well, the most notorious of the killers FBI agent Ryan Hardy has caught, Joe Carroll played by James Purefoy, has escaped prison and is on the loose again. This time there is more to the story though. Not only is James Purefoy out of jail and back to killing, but he has a legion of sicko fans committing murders for him.


The only man that can take him down is Kevin Bacon’s Ryan Hardy, who knows him best, and who put him behind bars the first time. While Ryan Hardy is taking this situation extremely seriously, Joe Carroll the serial killer thinks of this as a game of cat and mouse. He eggs Ryan Hardy on and he wants to play. The difference, Ryan Hardy repeats life, serial killer Joe Carroll doesn’t.


Will this be Kevin Bacon’s 24? Will he get a second career on TV like Kiefer Sutherland did, or will this show fall apart before a second season is ever ordered? There is always a risk for a one time A-list actors like Kevin Bacon to go on television and try to rejuvenate his career. Look, don’t get me wrong, Kevin Bacon is no chump, he’s a great actor and well respected, he’s just past his Box Office, leading man prime. There are new guys on the block. Hence, taking this role on television. I respect Kevin Bacon’s judgement though and I don’t think he would join a television series without giving it great thought and finding the concept and script.


The Following ‘Serial Killers’ Promo


New, FOX’s The Following HD Promo




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