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New Girl, More Unexpected Kisses Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 02/19/2013

New Girl, More Unexpected Kisses ScoopNew Girl, More Unexpected Kisses Scoop



Here’s some New Girl Scoop from Sandra Gonzalez’s Inside TV: The Spoiler Room Chat; Taken from the February 19, 2013 Post.



Sandra, if I had three wishes, I’d ask for $10 million dollars, some New Girl scoop, and a game of True American with the entire EW crew. Can you make one of those happen?

Scoop: Thought the unexpected kisses were done for the season? Think again! Tonight’s episode features a kiss you won’t see coming, and it’s great in all the right (and, for them, slightly horrific) ways. Guess the participants. And since you used an entire wish on this, I’ll add this: I hear there might be wedding bells in someone’s future. Also, I’ll work on the latter wish — only because that sounds like SO much fun. Comic-Con, anyone?


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