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New, Glee Amber Scoop and Glee 4×02 ‘Britney 2.0′ Promo #3

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/18/2012

Glee 4x02 hd promoGlee 4×02 ‘Britney 2.0′ HD Promo #3

Here’s a new scoop and a new Glee Promo. Now that the season is off and running, we are getting loads of new info. Everyone who said Glee is dying… Well, it is and it isn’t true. READ before you freak out.


I think the hardcore base of Glee fans are stronger than ever, but the ratings are just taking a beating. So everyone knew ‘The New Rachel’ would take place in New York City, the most popular city in the world, right there with Paris. Everyone knew Kate Hudson, an American sweetheart would be making her first appearance and still Season 4 of Glee premiered to its lowest season premiere audience in its history and it isn’t even close.


Glee 4×01 was watched by 7.41 million people. Sounds like a solid premiere number, right? No, sorry, but it’s not. Season one opened to 9.62 million, season 2 opened to 12.45 million and last season Glee premiered to 9.21 million. As you can see, people just aren’t Gleeking out like they used to. Plus, you must understand, in almost every incident, the premiere is the highest rated episode of the season. That’s doesn’t bod well for Glee.


Still, Glee fanatics are staying true and there was huge social media buzz for the show. Glee websites  saw huge bounces in traffic, all the Glee stuff I post is hitting records on my site. So, while the faithful are staying true, no one else seems to be jumping on the band wagon. That’s a problem and could force Glee to make next season its finale.

Glee Scoop

We think you might have added some letters to your please, but we will answer your question regardless of your misspelling. Michele told us that Glee fans don’t have to book a trip to Los Angeles to see Mercedes, she’ll be exactly where we left her! “I’ll say that Rachel and Kurt go back Ohio and Amber is there,” she teases. “I can’t say why, but we go back and visit and she’s there helping with something.”




Glee 4×02 ‘Britney 2.0′ HD Promo #3


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