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New, Glee Season 4, Rachel and Lady Gaga Scoops!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/30/2012




Glee: Scoop on Kate Hudson’s role and Rachel related scoop on episode 4×03 from E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos


Here’s some scoop on Glee from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Tuesday 8/28/12.




Alex G.: Love Kate Hudson and Lea Michele going head to head on Glee. Anything else you can share about season four?

Since you’ve seen a little bit of Kate Hudson “out-dancing” everybody in the new Glee promo, we can reveal that she’ll be dancing to a Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga mash-up. You can hear a little bit of the Lopez song it in the promo, and we bet our bottom dollar that the Gaga number is “Just Dance.” But Glee always surprises us. And what’s the best way to deal with someone all up in your grill? Why, get a makeover and show ‘em up, of course! Which is exactly what Rachel will be doing in episode three.



There  are two key Glee scoops in this new bit from Kristen. The first tidbit is that Lady Gaga’s song, Just Dance is likely to be featured in a dance routine and it will be a mash-up with some Jennifer Lopez. I know the J-Lo fans and Lady Gaga’s little monsters will love that.


The second Glee tidbit is Rachel will be getting a makeover!? In this business I see new pictures of Lea Michelle daily, so it can’t be that drastic. In other words, she’s not pulling a Miley Cyrus, because I think one or two of a hundred news outlets would have reported that by now. My guess? Rachel goes from wearing little high school outfits, to wearing upper East side, designer outfits. Just a guess. Obviously, I don’t know.


Glee returns with 4×01 ‘The New Rachel,’ will premiere on September 13th, 2012 at 9pm on FOX.




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