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New Happy Endings Scoop and ABCs Botching of Schedule

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/29/2012

Happy Endings Season 3 Scoop Happy Endings: Brad and Max related scoop on season 3

Here’s some scoop on Happy Endings from this week’s (Posted on 8/28/12) Ask Ausiello column and my take on how ABC might ruin it fantastic sitcom.




Question: I miss Happy Endings so much but it’s not coming back until October 23! I’ve been going through Penny withdrawal for several months now. Please send an addict some juicy spoilers: that would be a-mah-zing. —Magaii 

Ausiello: Looks like someone didn’t get the memo. A-mah-zing is over. Kaput. Finished. Not sure what’s replacing it, but that is for sure dunzo. You know what’s also dead? Mandonna. In Season 3, Brad and Max launch Boyz 2 Menorah, a potential cash cow that proves to be a big hit at (major spoiler alert) bar mitzvahs!



ABC’s ‘Happy Endings,’ has been a mysterious sitcom in its second off season. The first episode doesn’t even have a title yet, and forget about a synopsis or summery. Happy Endings also start late in the season. Strangely, the first episode of season 3 doesn’t hit the air until October 23, at 9pm on ABC. Wait, what!?


I don’t understand it. Happy Endings was one of the few sitcoms that grew year-to-year last season in ratings. The show averaged about 5.04 million viewers in its first season and turned around and averaged 6.64 million viewers in its second season.


Not to get carried away here, but that’s what sitcoms like Friends and Seinfeld did. In other words, ABC has a show that has great word of mouth growth, the possibility of a great run and yet they are stalling, and waiting until October, nay, late October to bring it back!? What gives? The show is hilarious. The numbers are great. ABC might fuck this whole thing up. Keep reading….


The first season of Happy Endings was a spring pickup that debuted on April 13, 2011. Then Season 2 debuted on September 28th. The show was on Wednesdays for the first two seasons. Now, ABC is premiering Happy Endings in late October and moving the show to Tuesdays!? What is ABC doing!? Or thinking!? Thats a great way to lose an audience, move the show all over the calendar and switch days.


Look, like many people, my DVR has been set for two or three years. So, a season ends and it begins and I always know this because suddenly I check my DVR and there it is. But, with Time Warner Cable, DVR’d shows are subjugated to the day of the week. In other words, it I DVR a show thats on Wednesday’s and it moves to Tuesday’s, my DVR will not record it and I may miss the opening episode or two! So guess what? I end up waiting till the season is over so I can watch it in sequence. Because I’m not spending money to download episodes of a sitcom on Amazon or iTunes.


The Point? Oh, god, I hope you get it by now. If a show grows it’s audience a million and a half on Wednesdays, then as a network, you keep it on Wednesday’s! Growth like that doesn’t happen every day. For most shows, its the complete opposite. Stop messing with our Happy Endings heads ABC!


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