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New, Happy Endings, Season 3, Jane Flashback Scoop!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/24/2012

New Happy Endings Season 3 ScoopHappy Endings: Jane related scoop on season 3



Here’s some scoop on Happy Endings from Carina Adly MacKenzie’s Monday Kickstart column for the week of 9/24/12.



“Happy Endings” 

If you’ve ever wondered what Jane was like as a kid, you’re about to find out in a quick flashback… which explains how Jane changed her birthday. Because apparently that’s a thing that people do.



So, Happy Endings is just awesome. I hate that we have  to wait until October 23, 2012 to see the new episode, 3×01 ‘Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires,’ but good things come to those that wait.


Happy Engins was really TV’s best hidden secret, you were with it if you watch the first couple of seasons. I would often meet people who also watched the show at a dinner or something and we would laugh about something you would only understand if you watched the show while everyone else’s at the table looked at us like we were crazy.


Season one was watched by only 3.63 million viewers per week, but last season, that number almost doubled as 6.64 million tuned in every week. People are catching on and I think Happy Endings ratings will spike even higher in season 3. This show’s a keeper ABC.


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