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New Hart of Dixie Season 2 HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/06/2012

Hart of DixieNew Here’s the first Hart of Dixie Season 2 HD Promo


This show is picking up right were it left off and let me just say” If you want to watch a cute melodramma with hot guys and the adorable Rachel Bilson, watch this show. It will never knock you off you seat, but it will make you laugh, make you pick lover triangle sides and you will be entertain. This I have no doubt about.


Hart Of Dixe season 2 premiere will hit The CW on Tuesday October 2, 2012 at 8pm. Look it’s east to be psychical about this who, but take it for what it is, it’s entreatment.


 See Hart of Dixie Season 2 HD Prono


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