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New, Homeland Season 2, Traitor and a Terrorist HD Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/27/2012

New Season 2 Homeland HD PromoNew, ‘Homeland’ Season 2, ‘Traitor and a Terrorist’ HD Promo



Here’s a new Homeland Season 2 HD promo from Showtime. The Promo is titled ‘Traitor and a Terrorist.’ In the promo we discover that Carrie, played by Claire Danes, ‘Has Never Been SO right, and SO wrong!’ Isn’t that line brilliant? If you have watched the show, you know what I mean.


This show has mastered the balancing act of indecisiveness. What? You may ask. precisely! Carrie, our Homeland protagonist, can’t make up her mind about Brody. Is he a terrorist or isn’t he? She has been sure he is and she he isn’t more than two, heck, three time throughout the great first season.


The point I’m making is this: The writers of Homeland played with that is he or isn’t he factor with such grace that the show won the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series.


Most people make up their minds one way or another and its very difficult to change a definitive mind set. Yet, Carrie does multiple times throughout the show and its believable. Because all the puzzle pieces are so vague and on top of it all Carrie has mental problems. So, as an audience its hard for us to know if Carrie is lashing out because she’s not on her medication or if she is serious. When the fact is, she doesn’t know what she thinks and we don’t either. The Kicker…Spoiler, Spoiler, if you haven’t seen the first season —- WE all know Brody is, in fact a terrorist, and yet somehow the suspense is still palpable. Why? I think it’s because the show is filmed through Carrie’s indecisive mind. It Just brilliant. Look, Homeland returns to Showtime, September 30th at 10pm.


New, ‘Homeland’ Season 2, ‘Traitor and a Terrorist’ HD Promo


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