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New Jennifer Lawrence Clip From House at the End of the Street

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

House at the end of the street clipHere’s a new clip from the Jennifer Lawrence thriller House at the End of the Street.


The clip doesn’t give us much, but it sets the tone. This film is rainy and gloomy and people have died. Basically Jennifer Lawrence character Elissa Cassidy and her mother Sarah Cassidy, played by Elisabeth Shue have picked the wrong town to relocate to.


You see the little rural town is in the shadows of freaky secrets. Crazy events start to occur and Elissa and Sarah catch on a little to late and end up in a fight for their lives.


The Mark Tonderai directed film was written by David Loucka and Jonathan Mostow. Rogue is distributing the film in the United States and Canada. It had a small budget of $7million dollars, but the production value looks good. Listen, if you take out explosions and special effects, you can make a good film with $7 million.


House at the End of the Street opens in theaters on September 21, 2012. It has a running time of 101 minutes and stars jennifer Lawrence, Max Thieriot, Gill Bellows, and Elisabeth Shue. Check out the clip below:


New House at the End of the Street Clip


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