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New, Mad Men Season 6, Peggy and Joan Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/31/2012

New, Mad Men Season 6 ScoopMad Men: Peggy and Joan related scoop on season 6 from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich



Here’s some scoop on Mad Men from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 8/30/12.



Mad Men | Although it’s double-secret official that Elisabeth Moss will be back for Season 6, Christina Hendricks doubts that Peggy and Joan will cross paths much, if ever — even for a trip down memory lane over drinks. “I don’t know that those two will ever do that. I don’t think they’re friends,” Hendricks opines. “[Series creator] Matt [Weiner] made a distinction about that very, very early on, saying, ‘These two women will never be friends.’” But what about the good times they shared during Sterling Cooper’s early heyday…? “I think there’s a mutual respect and undestanding between them,” Hendricks allows, “but they are just so entirely different that it would be a very awkward dinner – one with a lot of pauses!”



Interesting news, and too bad. Those two characters became good friends until Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) fired the kid for drawing that picture of Joan (Christina Hendricks). Joan didn’t want to be known as the “bitch” who got the kid fired — sorry forget his name, and not relevant enough to look up. Hey,  you try doing 20 posts a day!


Then again, the two only had one thing in common: They succeeded in a male environment. Anyway, the big difference, between Joan and Peggy, is Joan’s understanding of inter-office politics. Peggy, just never got it and took everything personal at Cooper-sterling-draper-pryce. In they end, thats why she left. She didn’t feel appreciated. When in the end it was nothing personal.


There is no return date for Mad Men yet, and let me say, last year was the best season of the show, but also included the worst season finale. Figer that out.


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