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New, MTV’s Teen Wolf, Season 3 Spoiler!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/30/2012

Teen Wolf Season 3 Spoiler Teen Wolf: Allison related scoop on season 3 from E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos


Here’s some scoop on Teen Wolf from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Tuesday 8/28/12. spoiler




James: What’s next for Allison on Teen Wolf? I kind of hated her by the end of the season.

Creator Jeff Davis is well-aware of the Allison backlash post-finale (he saw that “Kill Allison” was trending on Twitter. Way harsh, people!) and is confident people will come to love her again in season three. “It will be interesting to see if it comes back, if they come back to love her again, which I think they will,” he explains. “I mean, that was the whole plan with Isaac. He was supposed to be the bad guy in the beginning and then by the end you were supposed to be completely on his side. He needs to be redeemed, so I threw a puppy in there with him.” Yeah, we’re assuming Allison will probably get a kitten in season three.



Lets all just be honest, Teen Wolf  has exceeded all expectations from a ratings and fan base perspective. It is what I thought it would be on television, I just wasn’t sure how many teens would buy in. Well, a lot have.


The second season of Teen Wolf, while not growing it’s ratings, still managed to hold onto about 98% of its audience. The first season averaged 1.73 million viewers per episode, and the second season averaged 1.70 million. That’s hard to do. Yes, you want to see year-to-year ratings growth, but the next best thing is maintaining your original ratings.


That was enough for MTV to give the third season of Teen Wolf a full 24 episode order. If you watch the show you know the first two season were comprised of only 12 episodes each.


The reason MTV can get away with this and be so generous to their own shows, and why other networks can’t,  is because of their own “network” and social networking power.


MTV really spends little to no money advertising on other networks or social sites. In other words, MTV advertises itself and it own shows on… itself — its own network and social media outlets. In the end, it cost MTV very little money to advertise its own shows.


MTV’s target audience is always on MTV. Where as a new teen show on CBS, has to spend millions advertising said teen show on MTV, BET, and various websites and networks were teens spend their time.


You see, CBS’s targeted teen audience is only on the network when its convenient to them. You understand? Think of ESPN in the same way. They advertise their MLB games on their own network, ESPN, where sports fans live. Its a huge advantage and it doesn’t cost them additional money.


Teen Wolf, is currently on break and a third season premiere date is still yet to-be-announced, but it’s coming and with 24 episodes.



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