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New, Necessary Roughness Season 2, Football Player Coming Out Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/10/2012

New, Necessary Roughness Season 2, Football Player Coming Out ScoopNecessary Roughness: Scoop on the second half of season 2




Here’s some scoop on Necessary Roughness from this week’s (Posted on 10/9/12) Ask Ausiello column.




Question: Dude, I loved the season finale of Necessary Roughness! Any hints you can give me about what happens when they come back in January? —Jaime 

Ausiello: You’ll have a gay ol’ time! “We’re doing a storyline where a football player comes out,” USA Network co-prez Jeff Wachtel told TVLine at Friday’s GLSEN Awards in Los Angeles. “It’s beautifully done, really smart and we’re really proud of it.” Who do you think is high-tailing it out of the closet? Place your bets in the comments!



This is something that I think will happen in real life soon enough. This past week, an up and coming boxer, Orlando Cruz came out of the closet. He’s the first openly gay Boxer to fight. A few boxer have come out after their careers were over and a few football, baseball, and basketball players have come out too. Plus, Frank Ocean came out this year as an openly gay hip hop artist, something ten years ago people that was impossible if you wanted to keep your career. The world is changing, and I know it sounds cliched, but a show like Necessary Roughness could provide a curent athlete with the blue print to come out. Life imitates art.


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