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New, Nikita Ratings Scoop and Alex Tease!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/24/2012

New, Nikita Ratings Scoop and Alex Tease!

Nikita: Alex related scoop on episode 3×04 “Consequences” and more from TVLine’s Michael Ausiello




Here’s some scoop on Nikita from this week’s (Posted on 10/23/12) Ask Ausiello column.



Question: What does Nikita‘s horrible ratings mean for Season 4? —Jarrod 

Ausiello: Relax. Breathe. Chill. Pop a Xanax. Let’s get a little deeper into Season 3 before we start worrying about a fourth season, k? Besides, there’s something more pressing you should be freaking out about. Like, what exec producer Craig Silverstein meant when he told my colleague Megan Masters that “no one on the show is safe,” adding, “There’s going to be some direct changes and threats to people in the core group and how you define the core group.”


Question: Any Alex-related Nikita teases you can share? —Jill 

Ausiello: Hope you’re patient, because “The bigger Alex stuff is planned for a bit further down the line,” shares Silverstein. “One thing I can tell you is that she starts to flirt with a darker path starting around Episode 4.



Nikita returns with 3×02, ‘Innocence,’ on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 9pm on The CW.


In “Nikita” 3×02 ‘Innocence,’  Nikita, Michael and team extract a young girl named Liza, who is being held captive by a rogue Division agent, Wade (guest star Chance Kelly).  Wade has brainwashed Liza and trained her to be a Division agent to help him on his own personal mission.  Nikita tries desperately to break through to Liza but, in a moment of chaos, the girl escapes Division.  The team races to find her before she can complete her mission to unleash a bomb on a high value target.  Meanwhile, Liza’s abduction brings up painful old memories for Alex.


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