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New “On The Road” Trailer, Re-Cut, Like The Film and It Still Won’t Matter

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/08/2012

on the roadI think I know what’s going on here. On The Road is desperate for a hit. Yes, more desperate than most films. Here’s why.



Walter Salles has re-cut On The Road three times, and he’s re-cut the trailer three times, because on paper this film should be a hit, but it won’t be and he doesn’t understand why. Look, for those of you that don’t know, Director Walter Salles, is a billionaire. Billionaire with a B. He is worth upwards of 2.6 billion dollars according to Forbes magazine. The reason I say he’s more desperate for a hit than most, is because its not about the money, clearly. It’s about Salles, his ego and his own legacy. This rich dude from Brazil is trying to prove to everyone that he’s as good as the rest of the worlds great filmmakers, if not better. When the truth is, he’s probably not.


Oh, he’s won an academy award for best foreign film, he made a solid film in The Motorcycle Diaries, but international acclaim is VERY difficult to come by in the film world. It’s unfortunate for Walter Sallas because he wants it so badly. The one thing he can’t buy is the film industries respect.


How do I know this? I don’t. Its all speculation and things I’ve read into through his interviews. He really wants On the Road to be his big introduction to the world — If you don’t know this, just like music, the only way to be really international in todays world is by making great films in English. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s just like music. Name the last great non-english speaking film or album that has gone global. You can’t. Okay, that song from Slumdog Millionair. Yea what ever happened to that band after Jay-Z sample it? Oh, you don’t know.


So, Salles’s releases On The Road at Cannes, and for the first time in his life on French soil, the international press isn’t blown away by his film and patting him on the back and telling how great he is. He doesn’t understand this. This crushes his ego. He thinks ‘why not? What’s wrong?’


On paper it has all the elements of a great film. It has a “fine” young actress in Kristen Stewart, a “real” actor in Sam Riley, a young “heartthrob” in Garret Hedlund, and a film “legend” in Francis Ford Coppola producing. What gives? The film is slammed and Walter Salles is dumbfounded.


Here’s the truth: Kristen Stewart is a “famous” young actress, not a “fine” young actress. Sam Riley, isn’t a “real” pure actor in the way that some seem to think, okay, he’s no Johnny Deep — he’s not transcendent in anyway and never will be. Garrett Hedlund, is a bland “heartthrob,” who’s getting lapped by young up and comers like the Liam Hemsworth. Garrett Hedlund just isn’t special, he’s not what DiCaprio was, he doesn’t have the Box Office pull of Channing Tatum. The guy is 27, if not now, then when? He did his bit next to Brad Pitt in Troy back in 2004, he won a teen choice award as a break-out star. Then he disappeared and returned with Tron, which made good money because its a legacy film, but we all know it was actually a disappointment for Disney.


As for Coppola. He is a legend. Absolutely, %100, but Francis Ford Coppola is 72 years old and way out of his depth now as a filmmaker. The last really good film he’s directed was back in 1992 with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the last great film he directed or had a hand in was back in 1986 with Peggy Sue Got Married — and most people don’t even consider that a great film. I grew up with it, I do.


The last key to this puzzle is supposed to be Jack Kerouac classic novel, On The Road, and it is a classic, but there’s a major problem with this claim. The book is generational, I’m 29 and we never read it in school. I read it because it was Seth Cohen’s favorite book on The OC aka, it was probably the young creator, Josh Schwartz favorite book — He was born in 76, I was born in 83.


The Trailer claims its a groundbreaking book, and it was in the 40′s and 50′s. Then it leaked into the 60′s and last but not least, it touched some kids in the 70′s. But the book was pre-internet, pre-computer, and pre-basic cable in every house hold in America. The book just doesn’t relate to the youth anymore. What was shocking in 1940, isn’t shocking now. The book is just not groundbreaking with todays youth. I’m talking about 18-22 year olds. Not to mention all the kids who are younger than that and have no idea who in the hell this alcoholic Jack Kerouac was. He died at age 47, and was a mess while he was supposed to be in his prime. He was dubbed the “voice of the new generation” and struggled with this label and the pressure of it by drinking himself to death. There is nothing romantic about it, he was no F. Scott Fitzgerald. Sorry, but its true.


I asked about ten young writer — WRITERS mind you, who help out on the site now and again, if they’ve ever heard of the book and half of them said no. Sure your real hardcore book worms know who he is, but your average kid has never heard of him and his great scroll. The oldest Author they’ve read not written by a true great like a Charles Dickens, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, or Ernest Hemingway, is Bret Easton Ellis, okay!? Who was quote “breaking new ground” in the 80′s.


There is a reality check Salles need to provide himself with: This film just isn’t going to sell like he thinks it should. Period point blank. How do I know? Well, besides the obvious and the  stated above. I look at the numbers everyday. I get a new Hunger Games clip or trailer and the post gets tons of hits. I put up new Glee or Twilight clip and again, the post gets tons of hits. I put up new On The Road trailer, outside of the first, and the two clips and the film gets 1/3 of the hits. There is a reason bloggers can inevitably see trends, we see are numbers, five times daily. Is my site huge? No, but I do roughly 4000 to 5000 hits a day, to see the trends. Okay, I knew The Hunger Games was going to be a HUGE hit because I can see the numbers and I see the On The Roads numbers too.


Go ahead Mr. Salles.Go ahead and re-cut it and take it to The Toranto International Film Festival, your going to get the same reaction.



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