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New Once Upon a Time, Emma, Regina, Rumplestiltskin Scoop From Jennifer Morrison

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 10/05/2012

New Once Upon a Time, Emma, Regina, Rumplestiltskin Scoop From Jennifer MorrisonOnce Upon a Time: Emma, Regina, Rumplestiltskin, Belle and Jefferson related scoop



Here’s some scoop on Once Upon a Time from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 10/4/12.



Once Upon a Time

Speaking with Jennifer Morrison about the season opener’s big twists and what comes next (stay tuned for that video Q&A), I also sought clarification on Regina’s “amnesia” when it came to the Mad Hatter’s alter ego. Or as TVLine reader Jennifer put it: “Was Regina faking it or messing with Emma when she said ‘Who’s Jefferson?’” The answer is: both. “She was saying she didn’t recognize his name, but she obviously knew who he was,” Morrison confirms. “She was just lying — the same way that she did in the jail cell, when she said to Rumplestiltskin, “Oh, [Belle]‘s alive?’ And he was like, ‘Bulls–t, you knew she was alive.’” Such fleeting fibs are part of Regina’s bid to “cover her tracks a bit,” says Morrison, now that the mayor’s evil ways are exposed. “She doesn’t want to reveal anymore of herself than she has to.”



Once Upon a Time,” Returns this weekend with a promising new episode. Episode 2×02 is titled ‘We Are Both.’ The new episode of Once Upon A Time, 2×02 ‘We Are Both,’ will air on Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 8pm on ABC.


In the next episode of “Once Upon A Time,” While Regina continues to find a way to regain her magical powers, David continues his quest to uncover the whereabouts of Mary Margaret and Emma; and the seven dwarves discover what happens when any of the townspeople try to step past the city limits of Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, as her wedding day to King Leopold approaches, Regina is confronted by a man of magic who promises to help her become independent and break free from her mother Cora’s clutches.


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