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New, Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/21/2012

New Once Upon a time Season 2 PromoNew, Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo




Here’s the new HD Promo #2 for Once Upon A Time season 2. Once Upon a Time Returns in less then ten days everyone! Once Upon a Time Episode, 2×01 ‘Broken,’ premieres on Sunday September 30, 2012 at 8pm only on ABC. In the new episode, as fairytale characters awaken from Queen Regina’s curse, they are not transported back to their home; Prince Phillip and his traveling companion realize they will be facing a deadly foe.


Once Upon A Time Ratings Note:

Once Upon A Time was ABC’s big Gable last year, and so far, it has paid off. Look, the show wasn’t a disaster. It had trouble finding its footing, but that didn’t bother audiences, and it seemed to me that most of the story line problems had been worked out by the end of the year.


The show Premiered to 12.93 million people and for the most part, Once Upon A Time held onto those ratings. The show averaged 11. 71 million viewers a week, but when you throw in Live + DVR Viewers the show averaged 12.27 million viewers a week. If Once Upon a Time can build on that and see year-to-year ratings growth, Once Upon A Time Could be around for a long time.



New, Once Upon a Time Season 2 Promo


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