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New ‘People Like Us’ Featurette [video]

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 05/15/2012

People Like UsFilms like ‘People Like Us’ usually go one of two ways — They’re hits or misses, rarely landing in the Grey in-between. Unfortunately for for the producers of ‘People Like Us’, I think this film will miss at the box office.



The cast is defiantly interesting. Chris Pine is on the brink of super stardom (Especially after two more Star Trek Movies), Elizabeth Banks is one of America’s sweethearts, Michelle Pfeiffer is classic, Jon Favreau is always a pleasant surprise and what kind of straight man would I be if I didn’t think Olivia Wilde was drop dead gorgeous and rad to boot? ┬áThe problem is, outside of Chris Pine, every one of these actors has played these parts in other movies before. Making everything about this film, from the trailer to the featurette boring.


With ‘People Like Us‘, there are odd choses all around. The director of the film, Alex Kurtzman, is going way against the grain, unlike most of the actors. To be honest it’s not always great for a Director to go against the grain. I love when actors do it, not so much when Directors do it. I say find your notch as a director and perfect it before branching out. Alex Kurtzman does not agree with that assessment.

Kurtzman is well known for his action roots. He co-wrote The Island, Transformers, Eagle Eye, Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens, and was and is a producer of Alias, Fringe, and Hawaii 5-0. With that kind of resume, it’s strange to learn this is his feature film directorail debut. Even when looking down the line at his filmography, People Like Us sticks out. Kurtzman has a Star Trek and The Amazing Spider-Man on the docket to go along with a new Mummy, Van Helsing and an Ender’s Game Debut to motion pictures.


Hey, I could be wrong. This film may be fantastic and don’t be fooled, I like these dramatic character driven heart and soul movies. I do. There is just a lot of odd choses here with People Like Us. And as an analyst and commentator of the film industry, I can say with great certainty that this film isn’t going to get many movie goers excited. Not in the middle of summer anyway.



People Like Us


‘People Like Us’ Trailer


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