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New Season 6 Gossip Girl Spoilers

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/06/2012

Gossip Girl Season 6 ScoopGossip Girl: Season 6 Spoilers


Here’s an interview that executive producers Stephanie Savage and Sara Goodman did with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, which gives some scoop on what will be happening in the sixth and final season of Gossip Girl. In the interview, Savage and Goodman talk about what Chuck and Blair’s relationship will be like in the final season and the role that Dan and Blair’s previous romantic relationship will play in the final season. Savage and Goodman also give some scoop on what will be happening with the other characters as well as Barry Watson’s character. Here’s an excerpt from the article:



TVLINE | What’s keeping Chuck and Blair apart at this point on Gossip Girl? 

GOODMAN | After all of this buildup, they now understand what it would mean for them to be together. The main obstacle is [them figuring out what] they need as separate people.

SAVAGE | The stakes are really high for them. They can’t rush into anything or do anything half-baked.


TVLINE | Dan and Blair — are they over? 

SAVAGE | They may be over, but all parties may not be on the same page about that.


TVLINE | When we left off, Dan was headed to Italy with Georgina. 

SAVAGE | Dan definitely makes good on his plan and sets off with Georgina to Italy. But he comes back from overseas with something to spring on the Upper East Side.


TVLINE | How much of Georgina’s darkness will rub off on him? 

GOODMAN | I like the dark, so I’m actually really excited about Dan this season. [Laughs] What might seem dark under Georgina is really just Dan finally claiming [his] power. He’s been dismissed by [the gang] for a long time and he’s realizing his power might lie in a different place. It’ll be a more hell-bent and darker Dan than we have necessarily seen, but I think it’s very in keeping with his character.



My thoughts: I have to admit that I wasn’t looking forward to the final season of Gossip Girl at all after watching the season 5 finale. The season 5 finale essentially ruined what I thought had been a really great season for the most part, and there was a big part of me that was extremely tempted to not even watch the final season of Gossip Girl. I’ll admit that I’m still really mad about the season finale, especially the way they handled the whole Dan and Blair breakup by basically having Blair go back to Chuck without actually breaking up with Dan, which led Dan to decide to team up with Georgina Sparks in order to destroy everyone’s lives.


I’ll admit that I used to be a huge Chair fan, but I was completely over them the moment Chuck pimped Blair out to his Uncle Jack in an attempt to keep his hotel in season 3. Chuck and Blair’s romance has become way too sick and abusive for me to like them as a couple now, and I hate that the writers are always acting like their relationship is a fairytale romance. The writers are basically romanticizing abusive relationships with the Chuck and Blair pairing now and they’ve been doing that since season 3, if you ask me. The way the writers handled the whole Dan and Blair breakup in favor of the Chuck and Blair pairing wasn’t the only thing that upset me about the season finale though.


I feel like the season finale basically ruined ever single character on the show with exception of Nate. Dan is the character I feel like the writers ruined the most in the season finale, but I have to admit that a part of me is kind of excited to see Dan work with Georgina to try and destroy all of his friends lives. I usually hate watching Serena’s storylines that focus on her love life, but I’m kind of excited to see Barry Watson on Gossip Girl, especially since it sounds like his character will have a connection of some kind to Nate. While I’m not extremely excited for the final season of Gossip Girl, I’m at least somewhat excited for the final season, which is definitely an improvement from how pissed off I was after I watched the season 5 finale.


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