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New, Sinister TV-Spot Starring Ethan Hawke

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/10/2012

Sinister TV-Spot Featuring Ethan HawkeHere’s a new TV-Spot from Scott Derrickson’s new supernatural horror film, ‘Sinister.’ Actually, it’s billed as a thriller in some press releases. Ether way, it’s supposed to scare the shit out of you.


I’ll say this much, old grimy film in horror movies always creeps me out. It’s the decay of the film, the thought of looking at people who were young, but are most likely dead and gone. Old color film from the 50′s just gives me the creeps.


Ethan Hawke  stars in this one. He’s a fine actor, never great, but has had a few great performances. Training Day and Before the Devvil Knows You’re Dead come to mind. Oh, and you can’t forget his classic Before Sunrise. Still he’s a middling actor who now jumps from straight to VOD and BluRay with an occasional theatrical released mixed in. He will always have work though and has been active since 1984. Most actors would kill for a thirty year a careeer, it just doesn’t happen very often. Which goes to show you, the man has talent.


Hawke seems to be back in his element here. He plays a true crimes writer named Ellison. I’ve always felt Ethan Hawke was best while playing the curious. In Sinister his curiosity could cost him his life. The film goes like this:



Sinister follows the character of Ellison (Ethan Hawke), a true-crime novelist who purchases a new home with the hopes of writing a successful book. After moving into his new home, he discovers a box of old home movies that depict previous families who lived in the house, as well as their murders. As Ellison looks further into the mystery behind the tapes, he discovers that the murders all have ties to a supernatural entity known only as “Bagul”. Bagul exists in images of himself and runs the risk of making Ellison’s family the latest casualty of the house.


So far I’ve loved the promotion of this film. It’s vague with a freaky undertone you don’t have to look for. Nothing screams over the top to me. Maybe I’m just an Ethan Hawke fan, but I will defiantly be seeing this movie — I just need to plug in the night light first.  ’Sinister‘ hits theaters October 5, 2012.



Sinister TV-Spot Starring Ethan Hawke


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