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New Smash Scoop From Debra Messing — Expect Changes

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/11/2012

New Smash Scoop From Debra MessingSmash: Scoop on the changes being made to the show in season 2


Here’s some scoop on Smash from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Tuesday 9/11/12.



Lizzy: I know Smash doesn’t come back for awhile, but I need scoop now!

If you had issues with Smash‘s first season, than boy, does Debra Messing have good news for you! She just told us this to describe season two of Smash: “Lots of changes. Lots of new, unexpected things in the storytelling. I think fans we’ll be excited.” How can we not be excited when the season finale left us hanging?!



Smash isn’t quite the Smash NBC had hoped for, but with a new season, there is new light. It has been rumored for sometime that NBC was going to be making major changes to Smash.


Steven Spielberg and Theresa Rebeck brought in new writers and new creative collaborators. The show was missing something last year, one couldn’t quite put their finger on. Well, all those rumors turned out to be true according to Debra Messing and this latest Smash scoop. Hey, with me, effort counts. I’ll give the show another look.




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