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New Teaser From Season 2 of Showtime’s Homeland

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/07/2012

New Homeland Season 2 trailer

I make no bone’s about it. I love Homeland. I think it was the best new show on television last year. It took the TV world by storm and I rode the wave and can’t wait to get back on the surf.


When Homeland returns to Showtime September 30th, Carey will have spent six months in a psych ward having undergone shock therapy and deep mental, medical evaluation. I wasn’t quite sure where Brody’s life would be six months later, but now that I’ve seen this new teaser, I know, he’ll be on the ¬†campaign trail.


Brody 2012 — That’s a scary thought.


Let me tell you, Claire Danes and Damien Lewis have out done themselves in Homeland. Especially Claire Danes who was sort of written off after her teen success. I’ll admit, I never thought of her as a great actress. I didn’t rank her among the elite, but having gone back and watched some of her recent low budget indie films and season one of Homeland, I’m convinced – Claire Danes is the real deal. She’s a fine actress.


That’s not to take anything away from Damien Lewis who¬†recently spoke at the Television Critics Association summer press tour and noted that Brody looking uncomfortable would be a big theme in the new season.

“He’d like to think he’s in control of his own destiny, but he won’t be,” he said of his character, balancing a Senate seat and links with Muslim extremists. “Essentially, he’s everybody’s bitch. He’s pretty f—ed.”


Sounds great. Can’t wait. Watch the new teaser below.




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