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New Trailer from ‘The Awakening’ — Starring Rebecca Hall and Dominic West

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/29/2012

The AwakeningHere is the new trailer from ‘The Awakening’


To me, this The Awakening is a much watch. Sometimes it just nice to watch a couple of your favorite actors in a film, no matter what it’s about. ‘The Awakening‘ stars two of those actors a love watching, the beautiful and talented Rebecca Hall and the very underrated and strongly presented Dominic West.


The story centres on Florence Cathcart (Hall), an author and professional ghost debunker in post-World War One London, who’s approached by a teacher (West) at a boy’s boarding school, who believes his charges are being tormented by an honest-to-god ghost. Florence packs her scientific kit and seemingly finds a rational explanation, but soon finds her skepticism challenged.


The Awakening was announced in 2010 and premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last year; now a new trailer heralds a full release of the film late this summer.


Behind the camera there’s some strong talent as well, with “A Single Man” DoP Eduard Grau lensing the film (and it does look pretty great). Reviews out of TIFF last year were mostly positive, and while some sites like indiewire had issues with it, they wrote ”the film’s flaws are outweighed by its atmospheric pleasures, pleasures that turn out to be disarmingly moving at the same time.”

Check out the Official ‘The Awakening’ Trailer below:


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