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New Trailer From ‘The Day,’ Starring Dominic Monaghan & Shannyn Sossamon

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/16/2012

The DayHere’s the new trailer and poster from Doug Aarniokoski’s ‘The Day.’ The film stars Shawn Ashmore (X-Men Trilogy), Ashley Bell (The Last Exorcism), Michael Eklund (Watchmen, 88 Minutes), Cory Hardrict (Battle: Los Angeles, Gran Torino), Dominic Monaghan (Lost, The Lord of the Rings trilogy), and Shannyn Sossamon (A Knight’s Tale, Road to Nowhere)


Its an apocalyptic siege warfare film spanning 24 hours during which a small group of survivors are pit against insurmountable odds.  Interestingly enough, the film is produced by WWE studios. Maybe Hulk Hogan will have a cameo.


the film is scheduled for a August 29th release. The official synopsis goes like this: A group of five survivors, armed with shotguns, axes and machetes, wander the back roads of a ravaged landscape looking for refuge in The Day, a terrifying look into a post-apocalyptic future. As war ravages humanity, destroying civilization and most of life on earth, the survivors realize they must do whatever it takes to stay alive. Lost, starving, and exhausted, they seek shelter in a seemingly safe abandoned farmhouse. However, while searching for food and resources, they unwittingly set off a trap signaling to their ruthless predators lying in wait to begin their deadly attack. With food and ammunition dwindling, the group must make a desperate final stand–over a 24 hour period–battling for their ultimate survival.
The Day


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