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New ‘Training Daughter’ Clip From Taken 2

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/06/2012

New Taken 2 ClipThis is an awesome “Training Daughter” clip from Taken 2


Taken 2 Premieres this weekend, but won’t be released into theaters until October 5th. I’m giddy nevertheless. I really like’d Taken because it was old school action recalibrate for the 21st century. Liam Neeson must be the first 60 year old in film history to create a legendary action star.


In this clip, Bryan Mills talks his daughter through some of those particular set of skills he picked up in the CIA. He uses the old thunder theory — see the lightning bolt and count until you here the strike. Then you take the amount of seconds and convert them into miles. 3 seconds from flash to thunder means the flash is 3 miles away.


This is really cool stuff and in a big way, it kind of breaks the backs of the Taken 2 haters who have been yelling, “His daughter gets taken again? That is to far fetched for me.” Well, as we have learned over the last couple of months, Liam Neeson’s Bryan Mill sna his wife are the ones who are Taken in Taken 2. Check out the clip.



 ”Training Daughter” Clip From ‘Taken 2′


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