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New, White Collar 4×07 ‘Compromising Positions’ Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 08/27/2012

White Collar 4x07 ScoopWhite Collar: Sara related scoop on episode 4×07 “Compromising Positions” from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez



Here’s some scoop on White Collar from Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez’s The Spoiler Room column, which was posted on 8/25/12.



Thanks to all who reached out via Twitter with their White Collar queries. But one from @Noora7 stood out to me as a great place to deep-dive this week. She asked: “Are we gonna see anymore Sara-Neal? I love them together.”

Well, next week, Noora, Sara returns! But unfortunately for Neal, it’s to deliver a big, ugly truth bomb. “A lot of [the episode] is them trying to define who they are,” says executive producer Jeff Eastin. “She really bursts his bubble. One of my favorite lines is, ‘You know, you left, and, guess what, the world kept turning.’”

Cold, Sara. Cold. But also true. Eastin explains that from Sara’s POV, she really “expected nothing less from [Neal]” and doesn’t hold it against him as a friend. But, he warns, their conversation leaves them with “a sort of uneasy friendship” that will play out for a while.

As for the search for Sara’s sister, the episode doesn’t deliver a great deal of new info, but “we do know the events that happened toward the end of the season with her do involve the sister,” says Eastin.


White Collar 4×07 ‘Compromising Positions will air August 28th, 2012, at 9pm on USA. The Jeff Eastin created show stars Matt Bomer Tim Dekay, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason and Tiffani Thiessen. 


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