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New, White Collar, Season Four Mid-Season Casting Scoop

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/29/2012

New, White Collar, Season Four Mid-Season Casting ScoopWhite Collar: Peter related scoop



Here’s some scoop on White Collar from TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich’s weekly column Matt’s Inside Line for the week of 9/28/12.



White Collar


When the USA favorite resumes its season in January, Peter will be losing one boss, Hughes (played by James Rebhorn) and gaining a new one, in the form of CSI: Miami beauty Emily Procter — yet all under the sketchiest of circumstances. The introduction of Procter’s character “figures pretty heavily in terms of our big bad, [Senator] Terrence Pratt (Lost‘s Titus Welliver), who forces Hughes out,” says show boss Jeff Eastin. As such, neither Peter nor Neal quite know what to make of the new regime. “The guys go back and forth – is she on their side or not?” But perhaps most interestingly, Hughes won’t go away for good, or quietly. Reveals Eastin, “James will return and have a pivotal role to play in the finale.”



This is a new, White Collar, Season Four, Mid-Season Casting Scoop. White Collar is currently on hiatus, but no need to worry, not only will the second half of season 4 be back in December, USA Network Renewed White Collar for a Fifth season earlier this week. Yea, more Neal Caffrey! He’s good for the gay guy and the straight guy like me, I’ve been trying to  patient my wardrobe after him over the last year. Dude, is sharp and it’s costing be an arm and a leg.


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