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Niall Horan Calls Fans ‘Showers of C#@!s’

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/06/2012

Niall HoranNiall Horan of One Direction Called Fans ‘Showers of C#@!s’ at a Dublin Airport this week.

Yes, you read that correctly, Niall Horan of One Direction called his fans ‘Showers of C***s’ at a Dublin airport this week. There is much debate surrounding his ‘Shower of C***s’ comment after it was caught on video and posted to the fans’ YouTube account.

In Ireland the term c***s is used loosely, and is not considered overly offensive like it is in the United States. The term is used commonly to refer to “annoying people” when used in Ireland. Many fans commented that he was not agitated or angry when making the comment, so he did not use the word in a mean way.

The fans were asking Niall Horan to wish their friend a “Happy Birthday,” which he did along with referring to them as a “Shower of C***s.”

The fans that posted the video stated, “He’s so nice, even though he called us a shower of c***s but hey. It was banter.” Regardless the comments raised a lot of criticism, and Niall Horan posted an apology on his Twitter account.

Niall Horan stated the following on his official Twitter account, “Really sorry if I caused any offence. It was just banter with fans who I think of more as mates.”

Niall went on to say, “I understand that it’s not a word I should be using at all.”Niall Horan

Lesson learned for Niall Horan; when your fans are young, impressionable females restrain from using inappropriate language. He has stated in the past that he is working on not using swear words so often.

Recently rumors were swirling that Niall Horan was having a romantic affair with Demi Lovato after late night Skype sessions. Demi explained the Skype sessions as, “We’ve become really close friends, and I’m really thankful that I have someone who supports me in all aspects. If I need someone to talk to, he’s there. But, no, we’re not dating, I’m single.”


Niall Horan of One Direction at Dublin Airport:



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