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OMG, Castle Firefly Tribute Episode Scoop! Casting A Parodied Nathan Fillion!

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 09/19/2012

castleCastle: Scoop on episode 5×07 “The Final Frontier”



Here’s some scoop on Castle from Kristin Dos Santos’ Spoiler Chat Daily for Wednesday 9/19/12.




Dianna: Castle scoop! Not involving Castle and Beckett…I want happy scoop!


So you know how Castle is doing a Firefly-esque tribute in an upcoming episode? Sounds like they are currently casting for…well, Nathan Fillion! Gabriel Winters is described as an actor who quickly rose to fame playing Captain Max Richards on a hit sci-fi series. Of course, unlike Fillion, this leading man spiraled out of control after his show went off the air with booze and one-night stands. Castle‘s Firefly-themed episode, titled “The Final Frontier,” is the seventh episode of the new season.



OMG! Yes! This is going to be one of the best episodes of the year. How funny is that!? I knew they were going to be doing a firefly-esque episode, but I didn’t know they would parody Nathan Fillion with an actor who was in a show like Firefly, and when it got cancelled he spirals out of control. How funny. I think the whole Firefly comic con panel is what we could thank for this awesome gem.


Firefly… I mean Castle returns in 5 days! Episode 5×01, ‘After The Storm’ will air on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 10pm on ABC. Then seven weeks later we’ll get to see this awesome episode! can’t wait.




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