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On Castle, Will We See More Esposito and Lanie Sparks?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/27/2013

On Castle, Will We See More Of The Esposito and Lanie Sparks Fly?On Castle, Will We See More Of The Esposito and Lanie Sparks Fly?



Here’s the Scoop on Castle from TVLines’ Matt’s Inside Line For June 27th, 2013.



Any news on what’s ahead for Castle’s Esplanie? –Alyssa

Remember how series boss Andrew W. Marlowe told me he wants to deliver “some hallmarks” for the Espo/Lanie romance in Season 6? You can imagine how delighted Tamala Jones was when we relayed the scoop. “Amen to that!” she responded with a laugh. Offering up some “hallmark” ideas, she went on to say, “I would like to see them have a steamy romance that’s hidden once again from everyone, and somehow they get busted kissing in a closet at work or something. But we’ve teased fans enough. Andrew’s very genius when it comes to ‘putting a little leg out’ and taking it back in, but we’re ready for the leg to come back out now.” Then again, maybe a third party could get involved, seeing as how Javy was eyeballing the cute computer tech gal at season’s end. “He was all up on her, wasn’t he?” Jones remarks. “As a fan, I didn’t like that. And I know Lanie wouldn’t like that either!”


Castle is on hiatus/break.


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