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On Drop Dead Diva 5×02, The Old Jane/New Jane Rivalry Comes To a Head

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 06/26/2013

On Drop Dead Diva 5x02, The Old Jane/New Jane Rivalry Comes To a HeadOn Drop Dead Diva 5×02, The Old Jane/New Jane Rivalry Comes To a Head


Here’s the latest on Drop Dead Diva from Ask Ausiello At, June 26th, 2013.



Question: Do you have any Drop Dead Diva scoop on my favorite lawyer non-couple Jane/Deb and Grayson? —Tiffany

Ausiello: Series creator Josh Berman says the truth about Jane/Deb is fast becoming a moot point for the still-in-the-dark Grayson. “I don’t know if he even cares anymore that Jane is Deb in the sense that I think he’s falling for Jane as Jane, not Jane as Deb,” notes DDD‘s boss. “That being said, there may be some twists and turns coming up that will shock him.” Also, if you liked last Sunday’s premiere then you’re going to love this week’s second episode, which brings the Old Jane-New Jane rivalry to a head. “It’s my favorite episode I’ve ever written and maybe one of the best ones we’ve ever executed,” declares Berman. “They actually have to work together to save someone’s life. It’s so fun watching the body swapping at its best with these two people. Two souls that really have nothing in common except that they have each been in the same body. Watching them interact is so much fun.”


Drop Dead Diva returns with episode 5×02 The Real Jane on Sunday Jun. 30th, 2013 9/8c on Lifetime.


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