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On Orphan Black, Is Helena Really Gone?

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/05/2013

On Orphan Black, Is Helena Really Gone?On Orphan Black, Is Helena Really Gone?


Here’s the latest on Orphan Black from The Spoiler Room At EW Online by Sandra Gonzalez July 3rd, 2013.



Love that you’re in #CloneClub now, Sandra. Would love some Orphan Black scoopage! — Shelly

While possible Emmy contender Tatiana Maslany and Co. don’t report back for season 2 until fall, there’s one thing she’s almost certain of: Helena is for sure dead and gone. “I think that’s the best thing,” she says. “If you invest in a character and then they’re gone, that’s real life. That’s what happens. I think it raises the stakes for the series. You see these clones as fallible and human — even Helena who seems to defy humanity can die…We don’t know what’s going to happen to any of the clones now. They’re all up for grabs now.”


Orphan Black is on hiatus/break.


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