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Teen Wolf 3×06 Stiles and Scott Scoop From Tyler Posey

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 07/05/2013

On Teen Wolf 3x06, You'll See Scott As You've Never Seen Him Before, From Tyler PoseyOn Teen Wolf 3×06, You’ll See Scott As You’ve Never Seen Him Before, From Tyler Posey



Here’s the latest on Teen Wolf from The Spoiler Room At EW Online by Sandra Gonzalez July 3rd, 2013.



Teen Wolf! PLEASE!! — Lauren

Scott’s guilt over Derek’s “death” is going to weigh heavily on him in episode 6, resulting in what Tyler Posey calls his favorite episode of the season. “It shows a side of Scott you’ve never seen before and it was a lot of fun to play and very emotional and everyone on set was crying,” he said. “So get ready with those tissues.” Yes, guys, get ready for a full-on Scott break down. But who will be there for him during this tough time? Well, his bestie of course! “Stiles steps up and becomes the man and shows Scott the right way to go.” D’aww.


Teen Wolf 3×06 Motel California Promo


Teen Wolf returns with episode 3×06 Motel California on Monday Jul. 8th, 2013 10/9c on MTV.



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