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Once Upon a Time 2×08: Into the Deep: Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/26/2012


Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time 2×08: Into the Deep: Recap and Review

Once Upon a Time 2×08: Into the Deep Summary: A determined Cora tries to snatch the compass from Mary Margaret and Emma. Meanwhile, Regina and Mr. Gold endanger David hoping this will be a catalyst for him to connect with Mary Margaret and assist her and Emma with finding a way back to Storybrooke.

Once Upon a Time episode 2×08 opens on a darkened scene with the beanstalk at its center. Hook drops to the ground and is met by Cora who demands the compass. They argue because he has sided with Emma and Snow White to steal the compass. Hook tells Cora that the compass has eluded him at the moment. She tells Hook that she no longer needs him; his choice has consequences. Hook expects her to kill him, but Cora decides it is better to punish him. She will get the compass and deny him his revenge on Rumplestiltskin.

Cora returns to the island sanctuary where she has slaughtered everyone and pulls a heart from her hidden vault. The dead rise from the ground, and she has control of them all.

In the meantime, Aurora awakes from her dream and Emma asks about Henry. Mary Margaret also remembers the dream room. Since Aurora can communicate with Henry, they can ask Mr. Gold how to defeat Cora.

Aurora meets Henry in the dream of the room on fire and tells him how he can help. Back in Storybrooke Henry awakens to a worried Regina and David/Charming. “There is someone in their way, someone Mr. Gold knows how to defeat.” Henry says.

“Who?” Regina asks him. “Your mother.” Henry replies.

Granny serves burgers and fries to Mr. Gold and Belle at the diner. Gold recommends ketchup to Belle, as the most magical thing in this world. Regina approaches and tells Gold that she needs his help. He introduces her to Belle as the woman who kept her captive all these years.

Regina says that she has something that might unite them all; “Cora, she’s coming from our land.” Gold contends that Cora is dead but Regina assures him that she is not. Gold says that he can contend with Cora, he’s beat her before. Regina warns him that now he has someone he cares about. Cora will see that as his weakness.

In the fairy tale realm Snow finds higher ground so that Aurora can rest and meet with Henry while Mulan and Emma stand watch for Cora. Mulan realizes that Aurora has been burned in her dream and doesn’t want her to go back. Aurora insists that it is her turn to help someone else now, just as Mulan helped her.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold and Regina meet with Henry and David. Henry wants to do this, he is tired of reading about heroes, he wants to be one. Gold says that he will tell Henry a story as he goes to sleep, and the story will contain the message of how to defeat Cora. Henry remembers that Rumplestiltskin was imprisoned with a special quill, but Gold says it was the magical ink that imprisoned him. In the dream, however, the fire interferes and Henry can’t get the message to Aurora before she is snatched away.

Mulan wakes Aurora from the dream as the women are attacked by Cora’s walking dead army. Mulan strives to whisk Aurora away to safety while Emma and Snow do battle, but she fails and Aurora is taken.

Henry awakens and tells the adults that something happened. Aurora got sucked out of the room. His arm is injured.

In the fairy tale realm Aurora awakens in the pit where the warriors kept Cora prisoner. Cora has brought stew, and has a proposition for Aurora. She claims that she can help Aurora find her lost love; the wraith didn’t consume his soul, merely transported him to another world. Aurora refuses to strike a bargain with Cora. Cora plans to trade Aurora for the compass; the girl says they will never trade for her.

Cora sends her crow with a message to Snow White. “We have until sundown to bring the compass.” Snow tells Emma and Mulan. The warrior fights with them over the compass; her priority is keeping Aurora alive. Snow says that Aurora isn’t the only one who could communicate with Henry; Snow has also been under a sleeping curse. If Mulan makes her a sleeping powder she will meet Henry and find out how to defeat Cora. Mulan agrees, but they must find poppies for her to make the powder.

Mr. Gold heals Henry’s arm but Regina and David both refuse to endanger the boy by sending him back. Charming says that even if Aurora isn’t there to meet Henry, Snow will find a way into the dream realm. He asks to be placed under a sleeping curse so that he can meet her. There he will tell her how to defeat Cora. David reasons that Snow will kiss him and he will awaken from the curse.

Hook awakens Aurora and frees her from Cora’s prison. He says that he is doing this to show Emma that he is on her side, and because he will do anything to make the woman angry. He says that he will help Emma if she promises him safe passage to Storybrooke and sends Aurora on her way.

Meanwhile, Emma, Snow and Mulan seek the poppies that will send Snow into the dream world to meet with Henry. Emma tells Snow that she blames herself for all of this; if she had just believed her own son, this wouldn’t have happened. Snow reasons that if she had listened to Regina and kept her secret from Cora, this wouldn’t have happened. They could spend all day placing blame, but it won’t get them home. Emma decides that it is Regina who is to blame after all.

In Storybrooke, Henry watches Regina create the magic that will curse David. He asks if she has been using magic, and she is honest. She used it on Daniel, and now, but she has no plans to use magic again. Henry reasons that at least now she is using magic to help others. He asks if David will be okay and Regina says that he’ll be asleep, but he won’t die.

Henry says that he wants to go instead of David; he’s afraid that David won’t wake up. She tells him that he will wake up if he succeeds; “One thing I can tell you, your grandparents always find each other.”

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Mulan tells Snow that this will have to be done the old fashioned way as she crushes the poppy to make the sleeping powder. In Storybrooke, Mr. Gold is telling David the same thing. In his case, the old fashioned way means the method used before the apple that put Snow White to sleep; the spinning wheel. David explains to Henry that he must have faith that everything is going to be okay and Henry gives him the protection spell that will allow him to control the fire.

Emma tells Snow to say hi to Henry for her as Mulan blows the powder into Snow’s face. Meanwhile, Mr. Gold is telling David that he won’t wake up in the same room as Henry has; he’ll have to find it. The room filled with flames is reserved for those who have already awakened from a sleeping curse.

David awakens in a darkened chamber and finds a single torch. As he pans the torch around the room, he sees that he is in a hall of mirrors. Snow is in the chamber of fire, calling for Henry but David can’t hear her. He takes off the necklace that is to control the fire, hoping it will lead him to her and it tugs toward the floor. He feels the floor and finds it burns his hand to the touch. David uses the torch handle to bang on the floor until it cracks and he falls through.

David sees that the pendent with the spell has shattered on the floor, but he and Snow have found each other. He tells Snow that there is a jar of ink in the cell where Rumplestiltskin was imprisoned. That can be used to capture Cora. Snow asks how he has gotten here and he admits to the curse. He jumps through the flames so that she can kiss him and break the spell, but they can’t touch one another. “It’s a netherworld.” David says, incredulous. Snow starts to panic, but David says “You’ll come back and you’ll kiss me and wake me. You will always find me and I will always find you.”

Snow is not so convinced; she thinks they are doomed to be apart, always trying to find one another. She screams as she is waking up and they both shout “I love you.” Snow disappears and David is left in the flames.

Henry is waiting at David’s side for him to awaken. He’s sure David should be awake by now; Regina says she imagines they’re just still catching up.

Emma tries to reason with Snow when she awakens and tries to get back to the dream world. “David is trapped in there! We have to get back, if we don’t…” Snow shouts but Emma interrupts her “We will!”

Snow remembers that the key to stopping Cora is in Rumplestiltskin’s cell; but as they set out Emma notices that Mulan is gone and so is the compass.

Cora finds Hook waiting for her in Aurora’s cell. She tells him “You know I have to kill you.” She clamps him to the wall with a spell. Hook says that she should be thanking him; he says that he has a gift for her, if she’ll look in the bag at his feet. “Open it and with it you’ll get everything you want.”

Snow and Emma catch up with Mulan; they fight for the compass and Mulan says to use the arrow and kill her. She will never agree to another trip and more time wasted when the compass would save Aurora now. Aurora shows up just in time to stop the fight. She tells them that Hook let her go to prove his allegiance to Emma.

Cora is seen holding a heart and she talks to it; she is controlling Aurora. She looks at Hook and says “You took a heart!” Then Aurora asks Emma and Snow what is next. Cora is listening as they tell her they are going to Rumplestiltskin’s cell. “Lead the way.” Aurora replies.

The Winter Finale of Once Upon a Time will be next Sunday. Once Upon a Time returns in January 2013.

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