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Once Upon A Time 2X08 Into The Deep Recap

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 11/25/2012

Once Upon a time Into The Deep RecapOnce Upon a Time Season 2, Episode 8 “Into the Deep”


The episode opens as the character Hook finishes his journey down the beanstalk only to find Cora awaiting his return. Cora states that she wants his compass and accuses him of betraying her since Hook took her protection spell in a previous episode.  However, Cora will not destroy Hook. Instead, Cora will just leave Hook there and disappears in a cloud of smoke before Hook can get her to reconsider.

Next, Cora arrives at her chamber of hearts. She removes one and blows on it. Then, she exits and goes to an open field where hearts lie that Cora had ripped out. Cora then commands the undead owners of the hearts to rise and be her personal army.

We then cut to Emma showing Aurora a photograph of Henry. This confirms that Henry is who Aurora saw in her dream. However, Snow realizes that this “dream” is actually a sleeping curse. Snow then plots to stop Cora from Rumpelstiltskin by allowing Henry to be communicated with by Aurora.

Aurora then goes to sleep and sees Henry again. Aurora tells Henry that she’s with Snow and needs help. Henry then wakes up in Storybrooke and alerts Regina and David the plan.

Meanwhile, at Granny’s house, Rumpelstiltskin gets some flack as he gets served his lunch with Belle. Regina then enters to talk to Gold. R. doesn’t want to listen until she mentions Cora. He clearly thinks that he can defeat Cora again. However, Regina makes a point that since he cares about Belle, that could be his downfall.

Next, Emma, Aurora, Mulan, and Snow make their way through an enchanted forest. Aurora wants to meet Henry again very soon. Mulan then notices that Aurora has burn marks from her adventures in the nether world. She thinks it is too dangerous to return there. However, Aurora insists on helping.

In Storybrooke, David, Gold, and Regina work in Gold’s shop so Henry can go to sleep again. Gold tells Henry a story about Snow and Charming using a magic quill to entrap him. Apparently, the ink was gathered from a rare species of squid, and there is a supply in his jail cell.

In the nether world, Henry attempts to shout directions at Aurora.  However, the flames are too high so she cannot hear his cries. Aurora is then taken from this world b/c Mulan is shaking her to wake up. Cora’s zombie army is attacking. The army is defeated, but are not killed. Emma and Snow then realize that Aurora and Mulan have vanished. Muland and Aurora are then separated when one of the zombies attacks Mulan. Mulan then finds Emma and Snow and tells them how Aurora was abducted by them.

Henry suddenly wakes up with a bad burn on his arm and laments that he didn’t get Aurora to hear his message.

Cora is holding Aurora hostage in the enchanted forest b/c she thinks Emma and Snow will try to retrieve her. Cora thinks she can get her Prince Phillips back, but Aurora states that her loyalty is not so easy to compromise. Cora then knocks her out and goes to her raven to order it to tell them of her actions. The raven then lands on Snows shoulder and tells her they have until sunset to bring the compass. Mulan thinks it will be easy and attempts to take the compass from Emma. However, Snow wants to sleep since she’s been under a curse before and wants to talk to Henry from the nether world. She begins a trek to get more poppy for the powder they need to put her to sleep.

Gold then heals Henry’s wounds with her magic. The assumption is made that he got hurt b/c of Aurora’s abduction. David and Regina don’t want Henry to go back. However, David then realizes that Snow can go back to the nether world. David wants Gold to put him under so he can meet Snow himself b/c he thinks he’ll awake when she kisses him.

Hook then helps Aurora escape. Hook alerts Aurora that their deal still is open that, if they take him back, he will help them get the powder they need to open a portal.

Cut to Mulan hacking her way to the poppies. Emma is told by Snow that the nether world is a dark place where all you do is lament about those you’ll never see again.

Henry then teams up with Regina to make a seeping spell for David. Regina doesn’t want to use the magic but Henry convinces her it’s alright since she doing it for good. Henry then wants to be allowed to return. David and Regina think it’s too dangerous. Regina thinks David will fare better. Gold tells David of the dangers of the sleeping sell.  Henry gives David the necklace.

Mulan then gets the poppy seed for the powder. She procedes to blow it at Snow’s face.

David then pricks his finger as the curse says and falls asleep. He awakes to see a mirror room. Luckily, he sees a torch, but cannot find a door out. Whispers are heard.

Snow then wakes up in fire room with no sight of Henry.

David then notices the necklace Henry gave him glowing. He follows the light until it burns his hand. The floor seems to be very hot against his feet. He then uses the torch to break the floor and land in the fire room. Snow then sees him, but they are separated by a magical wall of fire and David cannot see her. David does manage to tell Snow where to find the ink. Snow tries to kiss him so he can see her, but they cannot touch since the nether world doesn’t allow it. Snow then wakes up, leaving David alone.

We see Henry then waits for David to wake up with a noticeably nervous Gold and Regina.

Snow then wakes up in the forest and alerts Emma about David. They go to R’s cell, but see the compass is gone…along with Mulan.

Cut to Cora checking on R but sees Hook in his place. Cora attempts to kill him, but Hook tells her to search his satchel for a gift. Cora listens.

Next, Emma finds Mulan and a warning arrow is fired. Mulan wants to retaliate, but Snow stops her. Muland doesn’t want to give back the compass. Mulan warns her to use her weapons. Snow is about to fight back when Aurora appears. Aurora alerts Emma about Hook letting her go b/c he is more trust worthy than they thought. Hook might even look over Emma.

At the same time, Cora holds a heart and says what Aurora is saying. Cora seems genuinely surprised that Hook has Aurora’s heart. Now, they are planning to travel back….together.

The women then go to R’s cell. Cora, of course, is watching their every move with the heart.


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