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Once Upon a Time 2×09 Queen of Hearts Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 12/03/2012

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time 2 x09 Queen of Hearts Recap and Review

This twisty and exciting mid-season finale of Once Upon a Time starts with a flashback 28 years from the present when Hook is fighting his way past a guard into Belle’s jail cell. Hook tells Belle that her father is in danger. To help him, Hook must find the only weapon that can kill Rumplestiltskin. Belle says she is ignorant of the weapon and doesn’t want to hurt him. Hook then maliciously knocks her out. Just as Hook is about to kill Belle, Regina appears and stops Hook in his tracks. Regina says Hook is wasting his time with Belle since she cannot help him. She will kill Rumplestiltskin if Hook does a favor for her. Regina brings Hook up for a drink and tells him all about her evil plans. Regina plans to curse everyone in the land to bring them to a wretched land without magic, meaning magic will not be needed to kill Rumplestiltskin. However, like most awful women, Regina doesn’t want her mother coming to this new magic-free land with her.

Once Upon a Time opening credits roll.

In present day Storybrooke, Regina checks on the still-sleeping David. David cannot be freed from the curse until Mary Margaret kisses him. It is unknown if David was successful in passing the message on how to kill Cora. No one knows who will be coming through the portal. Gold says they need to close the portal since they have enough magic to do it successfully. Realizing that if they kill Snow and Emma, Regina would now be Henry’s only mother.

Cut to the Enchanted Forest. Aurora, Mulan, Snow, and Emma all arrive at Rumplestiltskin’s jail cell. Aurora then finds a scroll with Emma’s name written repeatedly.

Back in Storybrooke, Regina alerts Harry that she is going to confirm that Snow and Emma arrive back safely. While Henry feels that Regina has changed her ways for the better, Regina and Gold get some fairy dust at the mine.

We then cut to another flashback that takes place 28 years earlier in the Enchanted Forest. Regina has enchanted the hook of Hook. This spell will only allow Hook to rip out only Cora’s heart. Naturally, Regina wants Hook to kill Cora and give her heart back to her. Regina then sends the prison guard Hook killed to get to Belle, Claude, with him. Unfortunately, Cora has been banished to another world, namely Wonderland (as in Alice). Hook uses a Hat hatter’s hat to transport himself and Claude to Wonderland, only to discover that Cora is the Queen of Hearts in this world. Naturally, Hook tries to kill her, but Cora is too swift for him and demands to know who sent him.

Back in the present day jail cell of Rumplestiltskin, Aurora finds the compass. Meanwhile, Mulan discovers an empty ink vial. Aurora then throws it, shutting the gate, effectively trapping them in the cell. Hook and Cora are on the other side. Cora then uses her magic to take the compass for herself and reveals to them that she has been using Aurora’s heart like a surveillance camera. Emma begs Hook to let them go, but Hook is still upset about the beanstalk incident.

Meanwhile in Storybrooke, Ruby runs to the mine. Leroy (aka Grumpy) show her that the fairy dust is gone, meaning Regina was behind it. When Ruby tells Henry this, his opinion of Regina suddenly goes back to the way it was which was not very pleasant.

Back in the jail cell, Snow thinks good will triumph once again. Emma then concludes that she was only able to break the curse b/c it is what Gold wanted to have happen.

Meanwhile, Hook and Cora escape to Lake Nostros. They have come to give magic back to the wardrobe ash. Cora then discovers a geyser, thereby allowing water to return.

Cut to another flashback from 28 years ago, Cora lets Hook live in Wonderland. Cora knows Regina will be able to tell if Cora has put a spell on him, so it has to be his choice to betray her. Cora alerts Hook that he will have amnesia in Wonderland. However, Cora promises that she will help him remember everything so he can kill Gold. As payment to her, Hook has to get Cora close to her daughter so she can kill her, like every good mother dream of.

Back to the Enchanted Forest, Hook delivers Cora’s body to Regina. Regina claims she cannot have any weaknesses, like her love of Cora, wrecking her plans in this magic-free world.

Enchanted Forest Hook presents Regina with Cora’s body. Regina reminds her she once said “love is weakness” and she loves Cora, but can’t have any weaknesses in the new land because of what she has to do. Regina then leaves. Hook says he is surprised that Cora did not destroy her. Cora then says that there is now a change in plans and they have to protect themselves b/c of the on-coming curse. Cora then uses her magic to create a force field to protect them both in frozen states – for 28 years. Cora specifies that once the curse had been lifted, they will go to the new land. Hook will wreak his vengeance and Cora will help Regina.

Cut to the present day. Gold leads Regina to the wishing well in the woods. This is where she thinks the portal will open.

Back in the jail cell, Snow stares at the scroll. Snow recollects that she saw Cora practice spells in her spell book. Snow then blows air onto the book and the ink flies up as if it were dust. The realization is made that Gold wrote the text in squid ink. Suddenly, the bars melt. Aurora commands that she be tied up, b/c she is untrustworthy since Cora still has her heart. Muland ties her up, but promises to get her heart back to its rightful owner.

Back at Lake Nostos, Hook throws the ashes of the wardrobe in the geyser. This opens the portal.

Cut to Storybrooke, Gold and Regina combine their powers- Captain Planet style – to seal the portal shut. They know that it will whoever decides to go through it.

Back at the Lake, Hook and Cora are just about to go through the portal when the three ladies arrive. They successfully get the compass out of Cora’s possession. Hook fights with Emma. Mulan fights with Cora, who disappears thanks to her magic, somehow not taking her satchel with her. Hook then gets Cora’s satchel before it falls into the portal. Hook is then nice enough to give Aurora’s heart to Mulan. Muland, in turn, gives Snow her sword to stop Cora’s magic spell. She then exits. Predictably, Hook then punches Emma down and threatens her. Emma then gets the compass out and is back on her feet, and punches Hook back. They then finally leave.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry and Ruby find Gold and Regina in the woods. Regina then explains that she is trying to protect Henry from Cora. Henry isn’t buying it.

Cut to the Lake, Snow and Emma are trying to escape via portal when Cora suddenly appears and causes them to fall down. Cora then tries to take Snow’s heart. Luckily, Emma saves the day by letting Cora take her’s, which Cora cannot take b/c it seems to be protected by magic. Cora is then thrown down by sheer force of this magic. Snow and Emma then hold hands like girlfriends and jump into the portal together.

Cut to Storybrooke, Regina stops Henry from going to the well. Henry is sure Mary Margaret and Emma will return. He then tells Regina to believe in him is she really wants to change. Regina then tries this out and approaches the well, trying to erase the blockage, which knocks her down. Emma and snow then emerge from it. A group hug follows. Henry credits Regina with saving them. Ruby brings Mary Margaret to David. M. Margaret kisses Davis, waking him up in front of the dwarves.

Next, Emma looks for Gold. Gold says apologizes are in order. Emma expresses that she understands everything Gold felt he had to do, including keeping Cora on the other side. It is obvious now that Gold created the curse. Emma wants to credit Gold with helping her be strong, but Gold refutes this claim by saying that being the product of love is what makes you strong. Emma then asks why wasn’t Cora able to take her heart? Gold says it must have been some other magic he has no control over.

Cut to the cell, Aurora has her heart returned by Mulan. Aurora mentions that Cora said something about being able to save Philip.

Back at Lake Nostos, Cora is about to give up when Hook gets out his magic beans. Of course this lake has magical regenerative powers.  Cue dramatic music.

Finally, Henry thanks Regina for the help back in Storybrooke. It appears that Regina isn’t always so bad after all. The group heads for a celebratory dinner. Gold and Regina are alone now

Hook and Cora then are seen on a ship approaching Storybrooke, proving that not all fairy tales have happy endings, at least on this show.


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