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Once Upon a Time 2×10 The Cricket Game Recap and Review

Written by Alexander Tucker   // 01/06/2013


Once Upon a Time 2×10 The Cricket Game Recap and Review

This eventful return episode of Once Upon a Time begins at night sometime after the last episode ended a month ago (in our time, that is). We see Hook on top of the ship as it lands in a dock. Cora gets out. Hook is ready to bid farewell, but Cora says their partnership is just beginning b/c of her use of black magic keeping him safe. Hook reluctantly agrees. A bearded sailor comes by and notices the ship, which Cora makes disappear. The sailor won’t shut up about so Cora turns him into a fish, which Hook kicks into the ocean. Cora decides to visit Storybrooke (why else would she have come there?). Opening credits roll.


We then cut to a rather blissful shot of M Margaret and David in bed together about to make love again. They are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Henry and Emma. Henry seems confused by what is happening while Belle changes the subject and shoos him away. Can we say AW-K-WARD?!


Cut to Regina on a horse by a cliffside watching a cattle progress. Her knights arrive and tell her that Snow and Charming have defeated King David, but his fate is unknown. Regina vows to keep them apart long enough to find Snow.


Next, we see Snow run in the woods and trip and all, allowing Regina to find her. Regina clearly wants Snow dead. Charming then arrives from behind a tree and unleashes the Blue Fairy that shoots a blue ray onto Regina, freezing her in her place. Charming says the kingdom is theirs, but Regina doesn’t look convinced. But…who would?


Back in Storybrooke, M Margaret and David arrive at her welcome home party at Granny’s diner. There much fun to be had. They toast to M Margaret as Regina walks in with a dish, which upsets everyone. Emma says she invited her b/c she saved them so they owe her thanks. M Margaret doesn’t seem happy about this and wishes she had been told earlier, but Emma says she couldn’t tell them b/c they were indisposed. Emma says that no one can get anywhere without changing a little bit. Regina notes that she added some flakes to spice up her dish. Everyone eats and Regina suddenly leaves, without eating the cake. Emma runs after her, but Regina says she’s fine. This is probably not good. Emma says she just invited her b/c of Henry. Regina wants to see him more and chastises Emma for not knowing much about parenting. Emma is about to leave, but Regina apologizes and says she’s trying not use magic anymore. They part, but not without Hook and Cora leering over a building roof, watching her walk. Cora seems confident that the old Regina isn’t broken yet. I have to agree.


In the morning, Regina confronts Dr. Hopper at the docks since he shares information about their secret sessions together with Miss Swan. Bug swears he didn’t break any doctor/patient agreement, but Regina reminds him that his PhD came from a curse, shoos Ruby away, and says he should be thankful she’s changed, and walks away.


Next there is Jiminy talking to the round table and claims Regina cannot change. The dwarves seem very agitated by this. The Blue Fairy seems unconvinced that Regina could ever change. Charming decides that Regina must be killed. Snow wants clarification since Regina once saved her. Charming says they don’t have much of a choice to assassinate her since she will only live to do evil. Pretty much anyone could’ve told you that, of course.


In Storybrooke, Regina is walking the streets in front of Granny’s Diner. Ruby puts the sign away. Regina goes to Dr. Hopper’s office and freezes his Dalmatian and engulfs him in a blue cloud. She walks away looking satisfied. So much for change. Except, it turns out to be Cora, not Regina, that did this! So much for Regina’s renewed social life.


The next morning, the Dalmatian breaks free of the spell and brings Emma and Ruby to Dr. Hopper’s corpse. Ruby looks angered.


The older Henry then visits Regina in her cell. Henry says she should give them a reason to give her the benefit of the doubt. I sincerely don’t buy that, but who knows, maybe it’ll work.


In Storybrooke, Regina is in the sheriff’s office where Emma stands over her and David tells her that Dr. Hopper is dead. Regina looks surprised, but no one believes her innocence since Ruby saw who she thought was Regina leave the office.  M Margaret watches from the other side of the two sided mirror.


We then see fairy land Regina being brought to her execution. Jiminy asks if she has any last words. Regina basically says she wishes she could’ve killed Snow as her real regret. Charming orders arrows to be fired, but Snow orders them to be stopped (via Blue Fairy power) before they hit Regina. Snow claims this isn’t ethically right and Regina is taken back to her cell. After all, you really cannot get rid of Regina this early in the season, now, can you?


Back in the sheriff’s office, M Margaret asks what is to be done with Regina. David orders her to be locked up but it seems that Emma actually believes her and orders her to be released since she is not the same Regina that is seen in the fairy land. Regina is innocent till proven guilty. It’s so funny how these parallel worlds are so, well, parallel, isn’t it?


Back in fairy land, Snow seems determined to show Charming that Regina can be rehabilitated. Charming just tells her that once this is done, there’s no turning back. Snow knows.


We then see Snow walking in the court yard, only to be interrupted by Rumpelstiltskin. Rump says he is disappointed that Regina was spared. Snow makes no apologies since she is confident she can change. Snow doubts herself, and Rump makes a deal to test her.  Will Snow agree? Probably.


David looks through Regina’s file and sees they it is empty. Emma and M Margaret are pretty sure only one person would actually kill to frame Regina.


Cut to the three entering Gold’s shop with Belle in attendance. Gold denies it and can prove it by asking the Dalmatian. Gold says he can extract Pongo’s memories, except that Emma will use magic in herself to cast that spell with an enchanted dream catcher. Gold gives it to Emma, who doubts herself, but Gold pushes her to try harder.  Suddenly, it starts to work. They see it appears to be Regina who did it and M Margaret gets emotional.


Outside, M Margaret acknowledges that they need a plan for capturing Regina. They agree on getting  a new batch of fairy dust. Emma agrees to this little task very easily.


Back in fairy land, Snow visits Regina, who is very suspicious. Snow remains convinced that Regina is still good, which even Regina even denies. Snow just won’t quit and unlocks the door and lets Regina exit to allow her to start fresh. Snow is just too good to her. Naturally, Regina grabs Snow, who gets out a blade to defend her. Regina tries to use the blade to kill Snow, but it doesn’t work b/c there is a protection spell on Snow via Rump to test Regina. Charming comes out with guards and Snow banishes Regina for good since they’re now even. As if there was any doubt that would happen.


In Storybrooke, Emma knocks on Regina’s door and arrests Regina. Regina knows Gold helped them. M Margaret defends Emma and tells her that she can use magic. Regina reminds her that magic always comes with a price, and that price is Henry. Regina wants to clear her name with Henry, but Emma won’t allow it. They try to use the fairy dust, but Regina stops it and uses her force to push Emma down. Emma says it doesn’t matter b/c Henry will never believe her anyway. Regina looks defeated and disappears in a puff of smoke.


David then says that things are different, but they don’t have to go through anything alone since they are all family. Emma then tells Henry what happened. Regina watches from a car and looks sad.


In fairy land, Regina is dolled up again and is told Rump is here to visit her. Rump says that Snow and Charming’s wedding is today, even though they were not invited. Regina is angry that Rump tested her since she cannot use magic. Rump says she needs to bring her to another land to harm her. Regina gets an idea and calls for her carriage.


Back on the dock, Cora meets with Hook. Hook is interested in how Regina is helping him get his revenge against Rump. Regina then directs him to the person she left for him on the ship. They then venture into an invisible portal to check it out. They open a gate and reveals that it is none other than Dr. Hopper. (I seriously didn’t see that coming). Cora claims she has no idea who she actually killed to disguise as his corpse. Naturally, they have some dangerous-sounding plans to get the knowledge out of his head.


I have to say that I was pleased how they have introduced a new conflict into the story after seeming to have resolved too much in the mid-season finale. I was worried they might run out of ideas, but they keep chugging along. I continue to be amused by the dichotomy of the two Reginas the most. I want to see where this is going. I liked Rum’s idea to make Regina so angry she will do anything to ruin Snow’s wedding. We need more Blue Fairy, seriously! How much magic is she capable of exactly? I see some serious plot holes there since I am not sure she is capable of inter-dimensional travel to get fairy dust to freeze people from using magic, but I digress. Maybe there was some leftover diamonds in the mine left for a special occasion. Why hasn’t Gold told Emma what she is capable of before? Emma is magic since she is the product of love working within a curse.  Does Gold have a hidden agenda with this? Is this secrecy b/c Storybrooke is magic-free and Emma’s magic is true and based in love, not anger, lust,or hatred. I remember what he said at the end of the first season, about Emma needing to die for the curse to break. Is this a price she will have to pay for knowledge? Will it cost her a potential relationship with Henry?



I also want to know who Cora really killed, but it could’ve been the sail from the beginning for all we know. What does happen to those characters that miraculously disappear since they have been turned into animals? Dr. Hopper “dies” and everyone gets upset, but others disappear and no one cares. At least the writers found something for Dr. Hopper to do in the first place. That’s Storybrooke, and Once Upon a Time, for you, I guess.


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